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This photograph of the exterior of the house shows the growth of landscaping along the front and patio areas.

Some of the hallmarks of Schindler's later works can be seen in these interior photographs. The built-in furniture, focus on natural light, and the use of wood on the walls and ceiling are architectural details seen throughout his career in various…

The original idea for the Barnsdall site was that it was to have an on-site theater, housing for actors and staff, as well as the main house. The Director's House, also referred to as House A was designed by Wright and built with Schindler as the…

In 1925, Schindler altered Aline Barnsdall's bedroom and ensuite bathroom in the Hollyhock House. He altered the layout of the bathroom and paneled the walls and ceiling in oak. Schindler also altered the bedroom for Aline's daughter. These interior…

This Schindler drawing of a wading pool and pergola on the Olive Hill grounds dates from 1925. Schindler continued to work for Barnsdall after she fired Wright, and the pool and pergola are examples of the ongoing work on the property.

The blueprints for the elevations of the Director's House (House A) show the Prairie influence on Wright's design. With a long row of clearstory windows, concrete walls, and horizontal lines, the house clearly shows the Wright design. Wright brought…
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