The Architecture and Design Collection at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum at the University of California, Santa Barbara is one of the largest architectural archives in North America. More than 250 collections and archives make up the ADC, a portrait of design in the region through the work of well-known  figures such as Irving Gill, John Byers, Roland Coate, Sr., George Washington Smith, Myron Hunt and Harold Chambers, Robert Stacy-Judd, R. M. Schindler, Lutah Maria Riggs, Thornton Abell, Gregory Ain, Julius R. Davidson, Palmer Sabin, Kem Weber, Whitney Smith and Wayne Williams, Edward Killingsworth, Rex Lotery, Maynard Lyndon, A. E. Morris, and Barton Myers, among others.

The exhibits, collections, and items featured on this website are a small sampling of the materials archived at the ADC. Please visit the Online Archive of California for a full list of our collections' finding aids.

Recently Added Items

Lutah Maria Riggs: Berkey house (Carpenteria, Calif.)


The beach house for Peter Berkey III, a former Air Force pilot, sits oceanside along Padaro Lane with an unobstructed view of the Pacific. The siting…

Lutah Maria Riggs: Jefferson card room (Montecito, Calif.)


Mr and Mrs Percival Jefferson owned the 1916 Reginald Johnson-designed house, Miraflores. After her death in 1950, Mr.s Jefferson's friend and…

Barton Myers: Wolf house (Toronto, Ont.), drawing


For this early house on a steeply sloping lot, Myers used pilings to raise the house and create space for a patio or eventual addition.

Robert Stacy-Judd: National Hall project (Los Angeles, Calif.)


The National Hall project, for the client Paramount Group, was a group of buildings two city blocks square, at the corner of Sunset and Vine in…

Robert Stacy-Judd: Twin Lakes Park (Chatsworth, Calif.)


Twin Lakes Park was a resort development featuring two man-made lakes. Stacy-Judd designed the entrance gate in Mayan style, on the aptly named Mayan…

Robert Stacy-Judd: Streets of All Nations


The unbuilt "Streets of All Nations" project was designed as a large-scale commercial enterprise. Stacy-Judd designed restaurants, motels, theaters,…

Robert Stacy-Judd: Stacy-Judd house (Minot, ND)


The house Robert Stacy-Judd designed and built for himself and his first wife is a modified Swiss Chalet style house. It has a raised floor plan,…