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The Walter White archive contains a few photographs of White at various stages in his career.


A color slide of the house under construction. The basic form of the roofline can be clearly seen in the curved wooden composite beam above the solid wall.

An image of the roof line curving down to the ground level. Walter White patented this design in 1955 for a curving roof.

A color slide of the dining room, with kitchen in the background. The original image was possibly taken by Walter White.

An image of the living room, with fireplace. The original slide image was possibly taken by Walter White.

A presentation drawing on board of the proposed floor plan, featuring a round pool and landscaping.

A drawing of the floor plan and interior utility room elevations for the Bates house. This drawing shows the original layout of the one-bedroom, two bathroom house, with minimal solid walls, and extended dining terrace.

Drawings of each of the exterior elevations for the house, showing the contact points between the walls and the roof, as well as the materials to be used.

A rendering of the Bates house by Siegfried Knop of the side of the house, featuring the roof line extending down to the ground.

A watercolor on board rendering by Siegfried Knop of the backyard of the Bates house.

An exterior view of the house which highlights the curving roof against the backdrop of the nearby mountain range.
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